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I have shared the importance of printing your photos in previous posts and especially the danger of those photos being lost because of a hard drive failure or corruption of your memory card or CD/DVD. I have yet another reason that never crossed my mind prior to Thanksgiving. I will start by saying I am so thankful that our family photos were printed and in photo albums when we got home on November 25th!
After being gone from our home for just over 24 hours, we arrived home to find out we had a visitor. We are pretty certain the ‘thief’ was in our home as we pulled in the driveway since there was a still frozen dinner on our kitchen counter. I won’t go into all the details but he did make off with some cash and my IPod.
I am relieved (for the most part) this is ALL he made off with. What came to me later is the fact that if we had been truly & thoroughly robbed, the thief would have taken NOT ONLY our computers, but all of our external hard drives and any CDs and DVDs as well not knowing what might be on those.

A thief would not have bothered taking our albums

POOF! Just like that, over 10 years of photos would be gone! However, I am sure he would not have bothered with taking the dozens of photo albums or digital storybooks I have completed. So in the midst of cooking our Thanksgiving supper and having our locks re-keyed (since he made off with a key) the thought hit me that I am so grateful that someone helped me get started in making albums from our photos, both printed and digital.
So let me help you get those family photos OUT of your computer and into your life!


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