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Hopefully you are enjoying the tips on taking better pictures, ideas for what to do with them once you take them and even the ways you should protect & back up your digital images. Today’s post will be slightly different but just as applicable to anyone who takes pictures whether it’s with a high-end camera, a portable point & shoot or even your cell phone. Today, I want you to think, WHY do I take pictures?

Do you take them to preserve a memory? Maybe it’s to be able to come back to that moment in time over and over again. Maybe you don’t consciously think about it but there is a reason you are taking that photo (unless of course you are a professional, then it’s because you were hired and it’s your livelihood!).

I’m asking you to ponder this for a moment because you may just fall into the HUGE percentage of the population that takes photos and then does absolutely nothing with them! I hope not, but if you are, I want you to really think about this.

Time is precious – there is a finite amount that each of us gets and the problem is that we don’t know when that time will be cut short. A friend of mine recently lost her husband after only 20 years of marriage. I cannot possibly understand the loss she is experiencing. It makes me think of all the moments my husband and I have shared and how many more we have yet to share. Those moments are and will be captured in our photos. But the photos come alive when we can truly relive them with the stories. Our memories fade, even with photos; details are lost to most of us. But by writing the stories that go with our pictures they become vivid memories again.

I encourage you today to think of an event that you have photos from that you treasure the most and go back and read my earlier post about what kind of album you could create – just click here. We don’t know when our finite period of time will end or when it will end for that of a loved one. I also know that for me, personally that if I already had completed albums with stories, that those photo albums & photo books would be of comfort to me. However, if I only had pictures, I can’t imagine being ready to tackle turning them into albums for a long time. And what if it was my time to be cut short? How would my family find comfort without those completed albums and stories of our family? I encourage you to make time today to do something with your photos.

Share your thoughts here by submitting a comment. Why do you take pictures? Are they in some sort of album or are they in boxes or on your computer? Would you find comfort in being able to look at a completed album of a loved one you recently lost?


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Research shows that 79% (click here for stats) of people


The pictures I'm using

do nothing with their digital photos. In this post, you will see just how quick & easy it can be to complete an album with your photos & stories. You will be able to see step by step the entire process and just how quickly you can create a book, one page at a time, or the entire book if your software has the added feature to auto-populate your photos like my software does.*

    Basic Black page

    Just add photos

  1. Decide which digital photos you would like to see in a completed album. I’m using photos from our recent winter storm (yes in October!). I’m going to choose two themes to show you the variety available to you. I’ll show the steps in each theme. You will see the page in the basic black theme which comes free with the software program I use and I will also use
    Predesigned jewel

    Again just add photos!

    the Jewel theme, which has more color in the background pages as well as added embellishments. Here are the photos & blank background pages I’ve selected.
  2. Simply select each photo & drag it over & drop it into one of the gray boxes that say ‘place photo here’. Here is the finished page.
  3. Look to see if you need to zoom
    Could be finished

    Finished page

    in any of the photos or adjust how they fit in the frames.
  4. Tell the story. A future post will be devoted to how to do this so that writing about your photos & memories is not such a struggle.
  5. Decide if you would like to add any ‘stickers’ or other embellishments.
    That’s it, page complete – from start to finish, the black page took me less than 2 minutes & jewel page
    Finished Jewel

    Option 2

    took 2 ½ minutes. Time for the next page!

Which of your photos or memories are just screaming to be told? Share some here or contact me, I want to help you get it done!

*To find out which software I used click on my website here or subscribe to my newsletter on the right side.

With embellishments

Some added touches

Final version

Time to make the next page!

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It’s now decision time. Even if you are still gathering your photos together, you can begin thinking what kind of album

Traditional Scrapbook

Traditional Scrapbook

would you like these photos to be seen in. There are 3 main choices.

  1. Traditional scrapbook style album – this can simply be some photos, a little bit of color, stickers and the story.
  2. Slip-in style album – just like it sounds. You can simply slip your photos into pockets designed to fit 4×6 photos.
  3. Slip In Style Album

    Slip In Style Album

  4. Digital album – this is one of the newest to the market. It is a printed book, not one that you look at on your computer. It is created on the computer and then uploaded to a location that prints these books. The best books are stitch bound, hardcover, heavy paper books that look like a coffee table book you would buy at a bookstore. To make this book, you will need to have your
    Variety of Digital Style Albums

    Variety of Digital Style Albums

    photos on your computer. If they were taken with a 35 mm camera, you can either scan them or have a CD made when you have your photos developed.

That’s all for this step – visualize how you want to see the book. Imagine holding it in your hands and sharing it with friends and family.

Which style fits the occasion and which style tells the story YOUR way?

Digital StoryBook Album

Digital StoryBook Album

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In the last post, I asked you to release the guilt and just think about one album you would love to complete. Let’s build on that further. Be sure to read that post first and really think about what photos you would love to see in an album with the stories told and memories shared.

Here are some steps to take if the photos have not yet been printed.

  1. Start gathering all of those digital images in one place. Name a folder on your computer for that event (Wedding, Graduation, Trip to Europe, etc) and start putting all the photos into that folder. (If you have photos that are already printed check back for our next post on what steps to take.)
  2. Add a second folder within that folder labeled either ‘Favorites’ or ‘4 star’ and start looking at each photo and deciding if it makes the cut for being good enough to use in your book and put them in that folder. Often with digital cameras, we take twice as many pictures (or 4, 5 or 10x as many if your husband is like mine!) as we need so that we get the photo we want, so start sorting through and picking the good/great ones. If you have a software program that helps you organize and edit your photos* then you should use that to make this task go faster.
  3. Not every photo needs to be perfect, keep in mind that you can edit if you have an editing software*, just focus on selecting those you want to include for now.
  4. Once you have everything together, you need to decide if you want to make a digital photo album printed like a coffee table book or if you prefer to print the photos and make an album with 4×6 prints.

*For more details, click on the link to my website on the right and look at the software, or subscribe to my newsletter.

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For me photography is a hobby, making photo albums, telling stories of our family and helping others to do the same is my passion.

We all take pictures. Think about this.

Why did you take that picture? Honestly think, it must have meant something. Unless you are a soon to be 9th grader, on a school trip to Washington DC, and you simply take a photo because everyone else is taking one (you can imagine how I know this!), most likely there was some reason and some meaning behind taking that photo.

I know you can find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of photos you have, then you begin to feel guilty.

I want you to let go of the guilt. My son’s band teacher had a great saying this year. “It is what it is.” It’s true. You have already taken the photos. At least you have photos. Think of your parents’ childhood or grandparents’. How many photos do they have? Yes, you need to do something with those photos, but you do not have to do something with all of them right now and certainly not all of them ever. Let’s move from this point forward. “It is what it is.”

Think back on your life. If you could have one album completed, what album would it be? Would it be a wedding album, baby album or one of the last vacation/trip you took? What pictures would be in it? What stories would be told? Who would be the first person you showed it to? How would you feel looking through it?

Share your thoughts here.

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Building on my post from last week, I have a few more tips of pictures you should take. I hope you will try and enjoy these. brick courtyardThese will be photos you might normally not think of taking. Those of you that have turned to digital scrapbooking will find them especially useful and fun! But our traditional scrapbookers can use them as well.

Take background photos. These are photos that you can then use as the background of the page and still lay out photos on top of the picture itself. For example,

Original photo of path

Original photo of path

if you are visiting an old town out east or some of the villages in Europe, take a picture of the cobblestone road. If you are doing a family reunion, graduation event or something out on a deck, take a photo of the deck itself – the boards across the ground. If you are getting married, take a close up photo of the bouquet or the veil or the dress. If you are out on a cruise or at the beach, take a picture of the water or sand – looking straight down.

Bricks used as background on page

Bricks used as background on page

This way instead of trying to find a background paper to work for your page, you already have one. You can mute it by changing the opacity of the photo if you find it is detracting from the photos you are putting over the top of the page. It makes for a really fun layout and allows you to utilize the entire environment in your album and to tell the entire story of the vacation or event.

If you’d like more information on what products I use to create my digital books and create the layouts seen here, subscribe to my newsletter.

Have a great time on

Try to catch a flag blowing in the breeze

Try to catch a flag blowing in the breeze

your next vacation and if you see someone else taking a photo of nothing but the cobblestone road – it might just be me – stop and say ‘Hi!’

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Growing up in Chicago, I remember going out to my great-uncle’s home in Lake Geneva on Memorial Day. He lived on a few acres and to this city kid it was a little slice of heaven. They always had the pool set up and badminton with tons of rackets. Our entire extended family would gather for lots of food and fun. I especially remember having all the cousins, aunts and uncles all playing badminton at the same time. We would literally have fifteen people on each side swinging rackets but I don’t remember ever getting hit – maybe I was just short enough then!

Just thinking about it, puts a smile on my face. But I only have a couple of photos and nothing written down to really bring those memories back vividly. And sadly, I only remember names of four or five of the group.

Here are some steps to help you remember the fun times.

  1. Take pictures. There is a reason they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Try to get a picture of everyone at least once, include the photographer!
  2. Write down the information while it’s fresh in your mind. You can use your computer or hand write it. Include all of your senses as you jot it down in story format or bullet points.
  3. Print the photos – even if it’s just 10 photos from each event.
  4. Put them and your story into some kind of a photo album. There are many options for this, from a scrapbook, to a digital book created on your computer, to even the time saving slip in style album.
  5. Put the story with your photos.

What memories do you want your children to remember? What are your fondest childhood memories? How do you remember them? Do you have photos to go along with the memory?

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